At Wings Real Estate we understand that a lot of property managers promise you the world and then don’t deliver, so we developed a service guarantee that provides written proof that if we don’t do what say what we will do we will give 2 months’ commission back.

We are passionate about doing things the right way and by the books, and that is why when you sign with us you have access to a real-time owners portal, so you can always see exactly what is happening with your property and your money. 
* At Wings Real Estate you will receive a level of professionalism and service that you won't find anywhere else
* Going above and beyond for our clients is just a regular day for us
* We will communicate with you regularly so you're never left wondering what is happening with your property
* We pride ourselves on being extremely organised and thorough in our work
* We manage a small number of properties so that we always have time for you. And we work together as a team

We believe in communication and transparency at all times; with Wings Real Estate there are no hidden tricks or costs.

Enquire NOW and let Wings Real Estate help you with all facets of your property management needs