Tenants....Be ready this Holiday Season!


Tenants....Be ready this Holiday Season!

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Happy 1st of December all. Summer is here and Christmas is right around the corner. This means you may have valuables, gifts, and other cherished items in your home. Holiday season is a favourite for burglars. If you are going away for Christmas or for a holiday, here is how to prepare before heading off on your seasons holiday.

1.      Put a hold on your mail

Nothing states your absence to a burglar more than, a big stack of mail hanging out of your letter box, or parcels stacked at your front door like a delivery from Santa himself. If you receive regular mail from magazine companies or subscriptions to goodie packages, either put a hold on the deliveries, or have them temporarily re-directed to a trusted family or friend who will be home during the duration of your absence period.


2.      Conceal your Valuables

Before heading on your way to holiday wonderland, ensure that you conceal your valuable items. Most burglaries are of opportunists, and are not pre-planned. They will be looking for cash, jewellery, gifts and electronics that are of high value.

Be careful in disposing the packaging of your newly purchased gifts. If there is an empty box on the curb of a brand new 72” TV, they will be more likely to target your home, knowing there are valuables inside.

If you are leaving your car at home while you are away on holiday, make sure not to leave the keys laying around the home. Put them in a secure spot where no one can find them.


3.      Home presentation

Another holiday security tip if you are going away, is keeping the home presented well. If the lawns are now knee high, this a good sign that no one has been home for a while. Book in a gardener to attend while you are away.

Ensure there are no ladders or crow bars laying around the yard that the burglar could use to break  into your home. These can be stored alternatively in the garage. [Don’t leave the crowbar near the chimney so as not to scare off Santa].

Another great tip is to let your neighbour know that they can park their second car in your driveway while you are away. Having a car parked in the driveway or directly outside the home in the street, indicates that someone is home.


4.      Light it up!

The last thing a burglar is going to want is a spotlight put on them. Setting up motion-sensor lights on the exterior of the home is a fantastic security tool. As for the interior, setting up timers on your interior lights gives the illusion that someone is home.


5.      Keep your Travels off Social Media

Rubbing it in that you are enjoying a new Thailand tan and cocktail safari… it feels great.

On the other end of the scale, this is clear sign that you are not home. Just a few months ago, ABC News reported that celebrities’ homes were being broken into shortly after they had posted their holiday vacations on social media. This can wait until you return from your holiday.


We hope this helps! If you have any other great security tips, apply them and let your friends and family know. Turn off your internet at the power point, and any other power points left on that need not to be; this will save you on power while you are away. Empty all the bins in your home and put the wet dishes away. Make sure no clothes are left on the clothesline to get sun damaged. And lastly, lock everything and check it twice whether you are naughty or nice :)


Wings Real Estate wishes you a delightful season's greetings, a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.


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