What are tenant benefits of having the property managed by an agent?


What are tenant benefits of having the property managed by an agent?

A property manager is the middleman between landlord and tenant. Without the [professional real estate guru] middleman, landlords and tenants deal directly with each other and when a friendly relationship is developed, it can surface communication difficulties in the renting arrangement when it comes to conflict. If you would like to know more on what the role of a property manager entails, follow me this way to contact our friendly property management team --> click here.


Here are some factors in why tenants should rent a property through an agency:


Peaceful enjoyment of the home

When a friendly relationship is established between landlord and tenant, as a tenant you may find the landlord dropping by unannounced. Having a property manager manage your property, you have someone you can talk to about these things without the confrontation of speaking with the landlord directly…about the landlord’s actions [yikes that can be uncomfortable!]. With a property manager in place, you are protected by the legislation property manager’s know and understand, and can therefore educate yourselves and the landlords with time frames of notice periods, peaceful enjoyment of the home, and legislative requirements in which protect your privacy as residential tenants.


Having a tenancy agreement in place

I hear all too often that privately managed rental properties have the freedom of laid-back arrangements, however it is with this freedom that causes issues. Verbal agreements, are not legally binding. Promises are often made, and not upheld. Unless an agreement is in black and white font on paper with signatures underneath, then it is not a legally binding agreement. With a property manager in place, tenants are required to sign a fixed term lease agreement which has special terms and conditions enclosed in the agreement for the purpose of protecting tenants and landlords. Property manager’s understand the importance of having correspondence recorded in writing whether it be about maintenance, entering the home for a routine inspection, tenancy related enquiries; Communicating via telephone is not recorded and therefore can be easily forgotten or misinterpreted. This is a common mistake made with privately managed property arrangements.


A point of contact or emergencies, maintenance and overall enquiries

Having someone to talk to and provide you with professional advice, without the confrontation of speaking directly to the landlord, is comforting and reassuring. If you endure an emergency, for example in storm season; Landlords may not provide you with the information required in handling emergency situations, which can result in landlord & tenant dispute’s on who is going to pay the emergency hours tradesman bill for a Sunday call out. With a good property manager on board, you are ran through specific procedures when signing the lease and collecting the keys for your property; thus ensuring that you know what to do and how to deal with emergency situations that may occur during your tenancy, before commencing your tenancy.


There are many reasons in why tenants should rent their property through an agency. Let us know if you are currently renting a privately managed property, or manage your own investment property.


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